changing tax laws - are you up-to-date?

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changing tax laws - are you up-to-date?

Taxes are a complicated subject and making the slightest mistake could end up costing you quite a bit in penalties. Do you spend time each year keeping up with the changing tax laws? These laws change more often than you might think. Before you consider filing your taxes on your own, stop and think about what it will cost you to have them professionally prepared versus paying the penalties for making mistakes. My site includes information about the ever-changing tax laws as I know them to be now. The information here is only meant to guide you to making the best possible decisions for your personal situation.

How Can Your Smartphone Save (Or Earn) You Money?

If you're considering the purchase of your first smartphone, you may be nervous about how this phone's data consumption may impact your monthly bill. Fortunately, there are a number of different smartphone applications (or apps) that use very little data while helping you save (or even earn) money -- essentially helping your new phone pay for itself. Read on to learn more about the different categories of money-saving and income-earning apps that may be able to help you make the most of your new smartphone. Read More